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University of Connecticut is one of Sierra magazine's Top 10 Coolest Schools. #CoolSchools

A life of Nargis

Sickening man


Let's share the

Home lunch at work

Our guts

it's all about your gut Thanks Mora for the link.

mixed children are always so beautiful!

2 movies

a review of the butler. I enjoyed the Butler with it's portrayal of African American history from the cotton fields of South Carolina to the election of Barack Obama. A review of Blue Jasmine. I found this movie tedious and frazzled, where women self destruct continuously in front of the camera. This movie is similar to Before Midnight which was mostly about couples fighting..which is so exhausting to have to watch on screen!

this is so true

women for themselves

state of India's education

66 years ago we made a tryst with destiny

winnie the pooh

kids and nature

charitable industrial complex