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thought for today from the mother

Unless your vision is constantly the vision of the Divine in all things, you have not only no right but no capacity to judge the state which others are in. . . .And it so happens that one who has the vision, the consciousness, who is capable of seeing the truth in all things, never feels the need to judge anything whatever. For he understands everything and knows everything. Therefore, once and for all, you must tell yourselves that the moment you begin to judge things, people, circumstances, you are in the most total human ignorance.
In short, one could put it like this: when one understands, one no longer judges and when one judges, it means that one doesn't know.

- The Mother [CWMCE, 9:133-34]


More uses of the IPAD.
Also 2 great movies on
Slackistan about the slacker culture in Pakistan and Hereafter a brilliant movie by Clint Eastwood about mediums and dealing with death and its closure.
Hereafter from Wikipedia.
Slackistan the movie

From Arundhati Roy


A mob of about a hundred people arrived at my house at 11 this morning (Sunday October 31st 2010.) They broke through the gate and vandalized property. They shouted slogans against me for my views on K...ashmir, and threatened to teach me a lesson. The OB Vans of NDTV, Times Now and News 24 were already in place ostensibly to cover the event live. TV reports say that the mob consisted largely of members of the BJP's Mahila Morcha (Women's wing). After they left, the police advised us to let them know if in future we saw any OB vans hanging around the neighborhood because they said that was an indication that a mob was on its way. In June this year, after a false report in the papers by Press Trust of India (PTI) two men on motorcycles tried to stone the windows of my home. They too were accompanied by TV cameramen. What is the nature of the agreement between these sections of the media and mobs and criminals in search of spectacle? Does …

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Ab kyoon us din ka zikar karo
Jab dil tukray ho jaaey ga
Aur saaray gham mitt jaaeingay
Jo kuchh paaya kho jaaega
Jo mil na saka, voh paaeingay
Yeh din to wuho pehla din hai
Jo pehla din thhaa chaahat ka
Hum jiss ki tamanna kartay rahay
Aur har dum jiss say dartay rahay
Yeh din to kitnee baar aaya
Saw baar basay aur ujarr gaey
Saw baar lutay aur phir paaya

Ab kyoon us din ki fikar karo
Jab dil tukray ho jaaega
Aur saaray gham mitt jaaengay
Tum khauf-o-khatar say dar guzro
Jo hona hai, so hona hai
Gar hansna hai to hansna hai
Gar rona hai to rona hai
Tum apni karni kar guzro
Jo hoga daikha jaaega

Princess Culture

Babble writes about the Princess Culture and how to fight it.. I loved this line..I have to use it on MSGS.

Ultimately, when it comes to princesses, the incessant marketing makes me much crazier than the inherent mythology. So, in what is sure to be a crippling blow to the Princess Industrial Complex, I shall continue to not buy that crap. But at home, I’ll allow the DIY princess dress-up and the like — all while taking a page from the playbook of my genius friend Amy Reiter who, when her daughter, then about 4, indicated interest in becoming a princess, responded: “Ah yes! You know, you’ll have to work really hard, speak many languages, understand foreign relations and diplomacy. It might also be helpful to get a graduate degree in international studies.” Dahlia then changed her career plan to ballerina (then butterfly, then baker or car-service driver).

And maybe if I do cave and make birthday princess cupcakes, we’ll all dress up as dragons and eat them alive.

Here is a moderate respo…

Guha and Mistry

NDTV's Barkha Dutt has 2 good interviews, one with Ramachandra Guha and the other one about Such a long journey and it being removed from the syllabus of Bombay University.

thought for today

t is very difficult to meditate. There are all kinds of meditations.... You may take an idea and follow it to arrive at a given result - this is an active meditation; people who want to solve a problem or to write, meditate in this way without knowing that they are meditating. Others sit down and try to concentrate on something without following an idea - simply to concentrate on a point in order to intensify one's power of concentration; and this brings about what usually happens when you concentrate upon a point: if you succeed in gathering your capacity for concentration sufficiently upon a point whether mental, vital or physical, at a given moment you pass through and enter into another consciousness. Others still try to drive out from their head all movements, ideas, reflexes, reactions and to arrive at a truly silent tranquillity. This is extremely difficult; there are people who have tried for twenty-five years and not succeeded, for it is somewhat like taking a bull by the…

lesbian manifesto

Kinda cool. I like the non identification with male norms..
thanks AC for the link..

The Woman Identified Woman

What is a lesbian? A lesbian is the rage of all women condensed to the point of explosion. She is the woman who, often beginning at an extremely early age, acts in accordance with her inner compulsion to be a more complete and freer human being than her society - perhaps then, but certainly later - cares to allow her. These needs and actions, over a period of years, bring her into painful conflict with people, situations, the accepted ways of thinking, feeling and behaving, until she is in a state of continual war with everything around her, and usually with her self. She may not be fully conscious of the political implications of what for her began as personal necessity, but on some level she has not been able to accept the limitations and oppression laid on her by the most basic role of her society--the female role. The turmoil she experiences tends to induce…

Adele Diamond

A fascinating story about education and Buddhist teachings.

Amy Brennerman

is back!. She is my favourite actress...


words of wisdom

on the World Wide Web
chosen by Lama Surya Das

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"When you plant seeds in the garden, you don't dig them up every day to see if they have sprouted yet. You simply water them and clear away the weeds; you know that the seeds will grow in time. Similarly, just do your daily practice and cultivate a kind heart. Abandon impatience and instead be content creating the causes for goodness; the results will come when they're ready."

- Tibetan Buddhist nun and author Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron

Gurcharan Das on schools being shut down in Andhra

G Das on schools for the poor being shut down. Shameful!

Salman Rushdie and his new book

interview from the telegraph..Luka and the sea of Life.

thought for today

If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.

- Ane Pema Chodron

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : The verdict on Ayodhya: a historian's perspective

going to school


Liu Xiaobo

China's Unwanted Nobel Prize
How will Liu Xiaobo's winning the peace prize affect the Chinese government's attitude toward political dissent?
Galvanizing Other Nations

Updated October 9, 2010, 01:08 AM
Bei Ling, a poet and essayist, is the editor of Tendency, an exile literary journal, and the founder of Independent Chinese PEN Center.

The peace prize being given to Liu gives opposition activities across the world more courage and strength to advocate for human rights and freedom in China.

This award may allow other nations to be more direct in confronting China.
The Chinese government won’t change much because of the peace prize. It will continue to suppress pro-democracy voices and activities. But I think this award can galvanize other nations to demand more of China on human rights issues. This may allow them to be more direct in confronting China, perhaps even with economic and trade concerns.

China is tight with its censorship, but it cannot control everything. And while it w…

Singapore Math

New Ways of teaching Math.

Thanks IH


Great Video about Niqa-----
thanks DF

thought for today

on the World Wide Web
chosen by Lama Surya Das

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"As the pace of our lives continues to be accelerated by a host of forces seemingly beyond our control, more and more of us are finding ourselves drawn to engage in meditation, in this radical act of being., this radical act of love, astonishing as that may seem given the materialistic 'can do', speed-obsessed, progress-obsessed, celebrity-and-other-people's-lives-obsessed orientation of our culture. We are moving in the direction of meditative awareness for many reasons, not the least of which may be to maintain our sanity, to recover our perspective and sense of meaning, or simply to deal with the outrageous stress and insecurity of this age. By stopping and intentionally falling awake to how things are in this moment, purposefully, without succumbing to reaction or judgment and by working wisely with such occurrences, with a healthy dose of self-compassion when we do succumb, and by o…











face painter


white paint


eyes scrunched


Face paint




the three


Jerry and Mira


Children's Literature from India

Good resource.

On the day of the games

I am still happy that everything went off well..but still.

Kashmir: The year of killing youth

From The Nation